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Default 2013 Chevy Spark Front and Rear Speaker Installation Guide

Today I installed new speakers in the front and rear of my Chevy Spark 1LT. In no way am I a car audio expert so do this at your own risk.

Speakers used: Kicker KS40 (4 inch round) for the front and KICKER KS46 (4x6 inch) for the rear.

I choose to use a speaker wiring harness instead of splicing. I used a Metra 72-9301 speaker harness, it says its for Toyota and Mitsubishi it just doesnt lock with the clip with but its snug and shouldn't go anywhere.

You'll need two to three tools a small flat head screwdriver to pop the speaker grill in the front and a small phillips screwdriver. You may want a pair of dykes to snap off one of the plastic pieces for the rear speaker.

With the small screwdriver you should be able to gently pop up the front speaker grills.

After successfully popping off the speaker grill unscrew the two screws on each speaker, pull out each speaker slowly and disconnect the speaker harness. The Kicker KS40 will not fit in the little cup the factory speakers come in so don't bother separating the factory speaker from the little cup.

Connect the new speakers either with a new speaker harness (below) or splice new connectors.

Drop the speaker in the mount after you've connected, screw them securely into the dash and replace speaker grill.

For the rears I'd recommend folding the rear seats all the down. Each rear speaker has 4 screws unfortunately I was only able to get 2 each because of the mount for the KS46 but its secure and doesn't bounce around. I dont think you'll need much instruction for the rear speakers just look at the picture below to see where the screw placement is. If you look in the lower right corner of the speaker mount you can see where i cut off a little bit of the clip to trim it down.

Now how do these speakers sound? They are a definite upgrade from the factory speakers, they have a lot more range and you might want to tweak your tone settings to take advantage. Eventually Id like to power these speakers from an amp but for now it will do the trick.

Hopefully this guide will help you in some way.
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