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Default 2013 Spark: Good-bye and Good Luck/Riddance!

After one year and eight months, my Spark is history. I couldn't be happier. I consider the Spark to be the worst car I ever owned when it came to blind spot issues. The idiotic design of the back seat door panels defied common sense: Why put door handles in black panels that take up important rear window space, thus limiting visibility of the road for the driver? Unbelievable! Placement on the horizontal door/window interface, as in 90% of all other cars out there, would have been far better. Also, if you're going to put outside mirrors on a car, and you are, does it not make sense to make those mirrors of a design where they actually allow the driver to see what's coming up on his/her car while it's being driven? The tiny, triangular, outside mirrors on the Spark are terrible. Putting convex spot mirrors on those mirrors did help, but the regular mirrors still were beyond horrible. I felt like my Spark was an accident waiting to happen. After the novelty of the Spark's appearance wore off, and I actually started driving it a good deal, I was amazed at its poor design, safety-wise. Yes, it has lots of interior space, a cool appearance, nice features with I-Link, reasonably good acceleration, great mpg realization (avg. 32 mpg, for me), but the safety factor sunk that ship. Also, let's talk about the laughably horrible AC. I had to take the Spark in five times for AC problems. It NEVER cooled to a satisfactory level, even after the fifth visit saw a complete replacement of the whole AC system! If you're in a cool area, you're probably OK. I'm in an area that routinely gets into the 90's and 100's during the summer, so the AC was just about unbearable.

I understand that the Spark has a (sort of) cult following. Cool. You can all slam this post and puff yourself up on doing that. You deserve the Spark, you're its kind of folks. As for me, I'll laugh at Sparks when I pass them in my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Latitude. That car feels far safer, far more comfortable, drives smoother and quieter and----I can actually see the road around me with no problem, whatsoever. For a larger car, it can park in pretty small spaces with its excellent turning base and very helpful back-up camera. Gas economy is sitting at about 24 mpg, so not too bad there, either. Oh, and let me add that I turned on the AC, yesterday. I got a blast of Arctic air. YES!
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